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Welcome to ;    Thomas's Home Improvements   (570)325-4869/(484)560-0930

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Windows & Door instalations & Repaires. Harvey Windows & door seller and installer.

Thomas's Home Improvements Faux Painting in Allentown Pa. 08/12/2009, We replaced all the old Wall Paper with a Gfaux Painting. Looks and feels like Wall Paper but it is our Painting Style. PAHIC # 099535, FreeEstimates,(484)560-0930 Or (570)325-4869Fully Insured.

Thomas's Home Improvements, PAHIC# 099535

Deck installations & Repaires , Stains, Water proofings, Repaires, Treck decking, any size we will install,     Budd Jameson Thomas   (484)560-0930,(570)325-4869  we also do refinnishing of Hard wood floores ,Oak, Pine, Mahagony, walnut,chesnut, All types of satin finnishings, Glossy .                                     We are a Brush above the Rest, With the Prices that Suit you Best!  
Roofing & siding repaires and instalations. Snow removeals as well.

Faux Painting, Patch jobs on Plaster, Dry wall, Wallpaper installations & repaires, Drilocking of Basement floores and walls, water stain removeales on walls and cealings. we love to take on jobs that are in detale such as Faux paintings but we also do just flat finnishes, satin, semigloss, glossy, Shine finnishings.  we use all types of paints ; Oil, Latex, Acrilic,Epoxey, Block filling.                       We are a Brush above the Rest, with Prices that Suit you Best! .

Deck Construction and Repairs. Pressure washing, & Staining. 

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